Investors’ attention continued to focus on central banks looking for hints as to when they might start tapering financial support, ahead of interest rate rises. The previous week’s weak labour report in the US, highlighted the slowing economic recovery weighed on markets.
It was a muted week for markets, with the except of Japan, driven by mixed economic numbers. In the US, reports on the labour market delivered underwhelming numbers, whilst inflation in Europe continues to pick up. China sees economic activity drop whilst Covid-19 cases in the UK are on the rise again. Over in Japan, Prime Minister Suga resigns.
Overall, it was a negative week for markets globally. Worries over tighter central bank policy in the US and fears that economic growth could be peaking weighed on investor sentiment. This comes at a time when the highly contagious delta variant continues to disrupt supply chains and add to uncertainty.
Our latest episode of The Omnis Investment Club podcast is now available - a special interview with Tim Foster, Portfolio Manager at Fidelity International. As our guest this week, Tim discusses all things inflation and fixed income. We explore the inflation environment in more detail - why it has picked up dramatically, whether it's transitory and what it means for bonds.
Stock markets enjoyed a positive week. Strong economic data and a slew of upbeat company earnings reports were enough to offset concerns over the continued spread of the delta variant and talk of central banks ending their extraordinary support packages.
It was a challenging week for markets globally, driven by continued news that the pace of the global economic growth is slowing, exacerbated by the spread of the delta variant and the impact this could have on economic growth. China’s regulatory crackdown on the private education sector proved to be much tougher than expected, sending concerns amongst investors globally. In today's episode of the Omnis Investment Club podcast Rohit Vaswani reviews the week just gone.
It was a mixed week for markets globally. Most markets fell at the start of the week, but many recovered those losses. The spread of the delta variant and the likelihood that growth is slowing has impacted markets, but we saw some positive economic data coming out of Europe and some optimism return in the US as companies reported earnings. In today's episode of the Omnis Investment Club podcast Rohit Vaswani reviews the week just gone.