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Inheritance Tax Planning

When you have worked so hard for your money, why let the government take it in tax?

We can do a complete financial review and we will make sure that when you pass on, your family benefits from all your assets rather than the tax man.

We have considerable experience in the design and implementation of Inheritance Tax Planning for our clients. Some of these can be complicated but there are also some basic inexpensive steps, which can create immediate benefits in the majority of cases.

Some are only applicable to married couples but there are also steps that single people should take. The introduction of 'civil partnerships' has however extended the planning options for unmarried couples. The vital feature is that in mitigating the tax liability, you should not risk your lifestyle by reducing income, access to your capital or, in giving away your property, lose the right to remain living there.

Most taxes are unavoidable, but Inheritance Tax can be reduced, sometimes even totally, by a combination of basic planning and in the majority of cases, specialist advice.

If you would like to know more on Inheritance Tax Planning, contact us and we’ll be in touch.

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